How to download your new preset on your phone

Now that you've gotten access to the preset you might be wondering how you actually use it! I'm going to walk you through the process (with photos) step by step here!

STEP 1: Open your email on your phone and click the "download" button 

STEP 2: Open with your preferred internet browser. The preset will have downloaded automatically 

STEP 3: Click the open with arrow in the bottom right hand corner

STEP 7: Open the .DNG file

STEP 8: Click on the three dots in the corner 

STEP 9: Click "create preset" Congratulations!! The preset has been saved and you only need to do these steps one time! 

STEP 4: Choose the Lightroom mobile app. If you don't already have this app it is a free download in the app store! 

STEP 5: Click "Launch Lightroom Now" 

STEP 6: Lightroom will open automatically and you will have a new .dng image in your library!