Start with why and what you can expect from this space



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Simon Sinek wrote the book “Start with Why” that I read years and years ago. I absolutely loved it and immediately incorporated everything. That lasted about 2 weeks. Now I don’t remember anything from that book, but I do follow the advice of the title. Every time I do anything in my business I just want to be able to answer the question “why?” Since Social Media and I are on a break I needed to answer why I wanted to focus on blogging – what is the goal of creating content?

The goal of creating content:

  • Build an online community with people who share the same interests as me.
  • Encourage women to do what is right for them – regardless of what society says.
  • Embrace family in whatever way it looks like to you.
  • Uplift and Inspire – share goals and aspirations and what we’ve overcome to achieve them.
  • Share resources that have been helpful in getting those goals done.


What you can expect from this space:

  • Weekly blog posts both personal and business
  • Bi-monthly inspirational emails
  • I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and personal stories.
  • My favorite lifestyle hacks, date ideas, and budgeting tips.
  • Photos of my pets (you’re welcome!)
  • Mindful living ideas


This space is a living breathing space – as I grow and change this space will grow and change as well. I’m hoping that as I connect with you that it will evolve into a space that provides a lot of value and joy.



Start with why and what you can expect from this space


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