Branding Photos for ReVibe Salon in Tucson Az



Branding Photos for ReVibe Salon in Tucson Az

Michele did my hair for the first time many many years ago. Now she owns her own studio and has designed it in the cutest way possible. That’s connection is a huge part of why it was so fun to take branding photos for Revibe Salon! We not only captured Michelle’s new space but also photos of the entire staff! We took group photos, individual headshots, and my personal favorite – photos of Michele working!

It was extra fun because one of my favorite things to photograph are branding photos. Each company is so different and unique that the sessions are always different! A good branding headshots is something that captures the essence of your business. When done right, they should not only be a headshot but also capture some of your personality! I think we accomplished that here!

Branding headshots are definitely an investment in your business, but they’re one of the things you can see the biggest return on. Clients like to know who they’re buying from and having strong branding photos can show them! These images can help you grow your business by increasing awareness and attracting new customers. They’re also a great way to express your brand personality on social media or in other marketing materials where you want people to recognize what makes you unique.

I hope you enjoy this small sample of the photos that we took during this branding session!




Branding Photos for ReVibe Salon in Tucson Az


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