Butterbeer Popcorn Recipe



Butterbeer Popcorn Recipe

I am desperately wishing for fall but the weather is not agreeing with me. A snack I really associate with summer is popcorn and something I associate with fall is Harry Potter. I mean the Hogwarts term starts on September 1st! So this butterbeer popcorn recipe combines both worlds together!

Plus I love popcorn. Like seriously I love it. I will try any variation of popcorn. One of my favorite parts about Tokyo DisneySea was that they had different flavors of popcorn in every land. When we go to the fair the thing I look forward to most is the kettle corn! So making a butterbeer popcorn recipe for our Harry Potter movie marathon seemed like a no-brainer! 

We used this Harry Potter butterbeer popcorn recipe from your everyday family, and it tasted amazing. But honestly, it did take more work than we typically like when we’re making a snack. So we also made a much simpler recipe. The steps are below!

  1. We started with popcorn we popped on the cob. Which everyone should do at least once! It was so much fun! But of course, any kind of popcorn will work
  2. We spread the popcorn on a cookie tray and drizzled it with butterscotch syrup
  3. Put the tray in the oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes to give the popcorn the crunchy feel of caramel corn! Definitely glad we did that step!

butterbeer popcorn recipe

 This butterbeer popcorn recipe was a huge success! I loved it, JT loved it, and even my little sister loved it! And it was so easy that I can see us making it again and again whether we’re having a movie marathon or not! 

The next thing that we are going to make is butterbeer! We both had it while we were at Universal studios and it was delicious. But it was a little too sweet at Universal so I think by making it at home I can make it less sweeet! 

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Butterbeer Popcorn Recipe


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