Make the Most of Your Downtown Tucson Engagement Session



Make the Most of Your Downtown Tucson Engagement Session

downtown tucson engagement session

Lila and Andres were so amazing! This downtown Tucson engagement session was everything that I could have imagined! The vibes were absolutely immaculate. And they followed all of my advice so these photos turned out amazing! I thought it would be fun to share my advice to make the most of your downtown Tucson engagement session with you too!

  1. Timing is everything! The best time of day for photo sessions is one hour before sunset and when you’re downtown it’s fun to start a little bit later than that so that you can play with the city lights!
  2. Choose outfits that complement each other – I don’t mean matching I just mean that coordinate well! And avoid overly distracting prints, patterns, or logos!
  3. Play with different locations! Downtown offers a variety of urban and natural settings! Things like parks, historical buildings, parking garages, murals, alleyways, and local shops!
  4. Have fun! Your engagement session is a time to celebrate your love and have fun! Bring your personalities and interests to the session. This brings me to my last tip!
  5. Personalize it! Make your session unique to you by including things that are meaningful to your relationship. Lila and Andres are big foodies so we included a coffee shop and ice cream parlor. But it could be any special place or shared activity.

The coffee shop we checked out was Caffe Luce which is a local shop with 3 locations and I definitely recommend the hot chai latte! The ice cream parlor was The Hub Ice Creamery and they also have a restaurant across the street! They make the most unique flavors and if they ever have anything with honey that’s what I get!




Make the Most of Your Downtown Tucson Engagement Session


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