When Should you Wear your Veil?



When Should you Wear your Veil?

should you wear a veil? Photo of a couple on their wedding day with the bride's veil blowing in the wind

Two of the questions I get asked the most by my brides are 1) should you buy a veil, and 2) when should you wear your veil? Those are both excellent questions, and I wanted to give my answer to y’all here!

To answer the first question: “Should you wear a veil?” My answer is “YES!!” Have you ever watched “Say Yes to The Dress?” If you haven’t then you should. It is hands down my favorite guilty pleasure show! a Well in “Say Yes to The Dress” the consultant Randy will always give people the bridal moment. He does that by adding accessories and a veil. Seriously, when else in your life will you get to wear a veil? Now is the time. Plus they make for Ah-mazing photos. My personal favorite veils are the cathedral-length veils because they add a ton of extra drama and movement to your formal portraits.

The second question is: When should you wear your veil? I think you should put your veil on right before your walk down the aisle. This is especially true in my opinion if you’re having a first look. I love love love love first looks. They are so intimate and allow time to really enjoy your partner just the two of you! During the first look, you can spin in a circle and show off the back of your dress. When you chose your wedding dress you probably fell in love with the back of it too. This is a great time to show off the full dress!

If you save your veil for the moment when you walk down the aisle it just adds to the wow factor that your fiance is going to experience when you see each other. And having two wow factor moments? That is priceless. Plus we can get the sweeping veil pictures during your sunset portraits!

should you wear your veil?




When Should you Wear your Veil?


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