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VAudioBooks Reviews – My Favorites and The Ones I Didn’t Finish

It’s no secret that I am having a love affair with the local library! And the app Libby has made it easy for me to ditch Audible! So I’m excited to share my audiobooks reviews with you! 

Sometimes people will ask me how I have time to read so much.

And there are a few factors that go into it! The first is what is your priority? Sometimes my priority is watching Grey’s Anatomy with my husband. On those days I don’t read as much. Sometimes my priority is reading. And on those days I try to start my day with a book! Leaving the book on the bedside table gives me a nice way to ease into the day! My last trick is multi-tasking. I’ll read in the bath or while on the exercise bike. I listen to audiobooks in the car and while cooking dinner!


This month’s reads that I recommend:

audiobook reviews - picture of the cover of big magic 

Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have listened to Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert one time before and absolutely loved it. Since I was feeling a bit stuck in my next venture and decided to listen to it again. I really love this book because coming back to it I picked up new things I hadn’t gotten the first time. In all fairness, this book is a little “woo-woo” but if you can get past that (or if you’re into it) then it’s great! I’ve adopted how Liz talks to her fear and am convinced that it has changed my life.

audiobook reviews - how to be fine

How To Be Fine – What we learned from living by the rules of 50 self-help books by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer

It’s no secret that I read a lot of personal development books. In fact, I read so many that How To Be Fine – What we learned from living by the rules of 50 self-help books by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer was recommended for me. And I’m so glad it was. I thoroughly enjoyed this read! It was quick and light-hearted. They talked about books I have read and books I haven’t. I love that they addressed what they think worked for them and what didn’t. The thing to remember in this case is that everyone reacts to self-help books differently. If you listen to this you are bound to disagree with SOMETHING that the authors say. But that’s okay! I believe in taking what is a good fit for you and leaving the rest.

audiobook reviews - platform by michael hyatt

Michael Hyatt’s Platform

Sometimes I’ll listen to a book on audio only to realize there is so much information that it needs to be a book I can take notes in. Michael Hyatt’s Platform was that books for me. It doesn’t focus on specific social media for the most part. In fact I don’t think Instagram even existed when this book came out! But the theories behind it can be largely applied!

The Universe Has Your Back – Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein

This is another book that could be considered “woo-woo.” But I loved it because it was inviting. Gabby encourages you to approach the book from your personal faith. So as a Christian you could exchange the word Universe with the word God and lean in. This isn’t a book I’d recommend listening to while driving because she has some meditations to follow along with, which I really enjoyed. 


Books I Did Not Finish

audiobook reviews - the life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck

The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight was recommended to me by a friend who knows I love self-help books. To be honest, I only got about 15 minutes of the way into this book before I returned it on the Libby app. I personally find swearing to be incredibly draining. And Sarah had hit my weekly quota in those 15 minutes. It might be an amazing book, but it was not for me.

 If you’re looking for queer book recommendations you can see some of my favorites here



Audiobooks Reviews


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