Lifestyle Blogs – A Quaint Relic of the Past?



blogging is cozy

I was reading a Better Home and Garden article that called lifestyle blogs a quaint relic of the past. And I wondered for a minute if that was true. With the ability to quickly consume content via social media – especially tiktok videos – it seemed possible. But I love curling up with a cup of tea and my laptop to read blogs. It feels cozy and relaxing. Like the same feeling I get from a really good book, but in a much more manageable bite-sized piece.

So even if they’re right and what I’m creating is doomed from the start I’m going to keep creating it. Because I love it. I love you for reading my blog posts. I love the ability to share and create. I love every piece of this journey. And you know what Taylor swift says – she comes back stronger than a 90s trend. Obviously, lifestyle blogs weren’t quite a thing in the 90s, but a comeback story is a comeback story!

Thank you for being here and for supporting





Lifestyle Blogs – A Quaint Relic of the Past?


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