How To Use Plants as Home Decor



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Since we bought our home last March we have been using plants as home decor, which is so much fun. House plants are just amazing. I took a poll on Instagram to find out why people love house plants. The five answers I got the most were:

  1. Plants reduce stress
  2. Taking care of house plants is a form of self-care
  3. They renew and purify the air
  4. It’s a ton of fun to watch them grow and take care of them
  5. They brighten up every space

I agree with absolutely every one of those reasons! I’ve also read that having plants in your space can increase your productivity. Plus they are just really pretty!

How to Use House Plant as Home Decor

Now we’ve established that house plants are the absolute best. So let’s talk about how to incorporate them into your home!

I personally love keeping at least one plant on every shelf. Even in the laundry room! They add visual interest to the space! Especially for the top shelves that are too high to really keep anything on them! Before our sweet pup arrived we also loved to keep big plants on the floor. Now Ryder thinks anything on the floor was put there specifically for him to eat! So when choosing plants make sure you choose ones that are non-toxic.

When you’re purchasing house plants choose different sizes! You want the plants in your home to be different widths and different heights. You can also save money on really big plants by putting multiple smaller plants in one big basket.


Think about the Decorative Pots

There are two ways that I think you can do pots! The first is to keep it really minimal and get the same color pot for all of the plants! Personally, I love terra-cotta! I think it creates a really clean look! The second way is to just go crazy with it and get as many pots different pots as you want to have! Just remember every pot you get should definitely have drainage holes!


Remember How Much Light They Need

If you’re in an apartment or home without a lot of light you can still have houseplants! I used to think I had a black thumb, but I’ve realized I just didn’t have the right kind of houseplants! If you don’t have a lot of light I’d recommend getting a snake plant! A pothos is another good option because they prefer indirect sunlight anyways!


So tell me! Will you be using house plants as home decor in the future?


Home decor using plants a triostar stromanthe as the centerpiece of the coffee tabale a close up of a dumb cane and a far away photo of a living room with a coffee table and a floral arrangement on the taable

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How To Use Plants as Home Decor


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